tri-coloured puppy asleep in bed
So tiring being a pup

“Nikki is brilliant! Each section of every puppy class was clear, concise, easy to understand and implement.  She really helped me understand some of my pup’s traits and how to manage them. It was brilliant to see some of the more nervous puppies grow in confidence over the 6 weeks and some of the more rowdy pups (like mine!) learn to calm down and become less distracted by everything. I would highly recommend Nikki to anyone with a puppy.”
Sarah Branch

“I enjoyed everything about the puppy classes with Nikki. It was a brilliant course, I loved bonding with my puppy and we’ll definitely be attending Ace Tails’ junior classes!”
Kerri Heyward

pup with long ragger toy
Love a raggy toy!

“Nikki was excellent throughout, dealing with every aspect in a clear, professional manner and helping us focus on specific areas where our dog needed some extra work. The Puppy School literature and products were great too.”
John Knights

“I would definitely recommend Ace Tails’ puppy classes – especially if you haven’t had a dog before.  Nikki explains everything clearly and makes the sessions informative but fun.”

“Nikki is very knowledgeable and ran the course at the perfect pace.  She always gave clear instructions and she spent time giving additional advice which was very informative.”
David Brandon

puppy sitting on mat
Sitting beautifully

“Nikki covered all the subjects we needed help with and gave us enough information to practise at home.  It was great that the children could be so involved – both at home and in the classes.”
Nicola Spiers

“Nikki’s puppy classes helped me gain confidence in letting my dog off lead.”

“I really enjoyed the puppy classes and Nikki provided an amazing service outside the lessons too, going above and beyond to make sure Zelda and I got off to the best start.  I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance in the early days! I feel so lucky to have found Nikki and can’t recommend her enough. Excited about our next challenge: Ace Tails’ scentwork classes!”
Bex Gouverneur

brown terrier-type dog doing play bow
Downward dog!

“Ace Tails’ puppy classes have been brilliant and Nikki is amazing!  We enjoyed every aspect of the course; have learnt so much; feel more in control and our puppy, Dexter, is responding beautifully.”
Karen Beattie

“The puppy classes were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed every week. We loved seeing Charlie improve on every skill he was taught and it was great watching him become so good at listening.  He’s such a well-behaved puppy now – we would recommend Ace Tails’ puppy classes to anyone with a new puppy.”
Natalie Taverner and Sean Dunphy

“We’ve loved coming to puppy classes.  Nikki has helped us feel more confident with our puppy.  We hope to join an Ace Tails’ junior class next!”
Colette Pryer

“Nikki made the puppy classes enjoyable and fun, with clear instructions that were easy to follow.  We’re looking forward to the Ace Tails’ junior course next!”

black and white pup sitting on sofa with rosette
My Puppy School rosette

“We’ve learnt so much and have thoroughly enjoyed Nikki’s puppy classes – they were the highlight of our week!”
Jane Hawkins

“Nikki’s clear love for dogs and her ease at explaining things made the puppy classes fun and rewarding.”
Hannah Soulsby

“Nikki gave really clear advice and brilliant step-by-step instructions in her puppy classes.  I like the way she  personalises advice for each dog and ‘trains’ the owner too! – without ever making you feel patronised or belittled.” 
Judy Stocker

black dog sitting and waiting

“Thoroughly enjoyed our puppy classes with Nikki. She was so positive and enthusiastic. She has given me so much more confidence in handling Amber, my over enthusiastic Labrador.”
Tina Norton

“We are loving our puppy classes with Nikki and the confidence that she has given us in training and managing our puppy has been fantastic. After only a few sessions we have seen such a difference in our pup and we’re looking forward to building on this over the next few weeks. Nikki has an amazing way with all the dogs she meets and always has the advice and support to deal with many different puppy traits. She goes above and beyond to make sure you feel confident and happy to deal with whatever is thrown at you!  Thank you for also making our whole family welcome and helping us to really enjoy our lovely pup, Asha.”
Claire Humphries

collie-type dog sniffing a scent
I can smell it!

“We have just finished the Ace Tails’ beginners’ scentwork course and loved every minute of it. Nikki was very good at offering tailor-made advice to the the individual dog if we hit a problem. She almost knew how our dogs worked better than we did! It was such fun and I’m amazed at how much we have progressed over the 6 lessons. Can’t wait for the follow-ons and neither can Miage!”
Belinda Zorab

“Nikki was fab and always willing to take the time to answer questions.  She has a lovely, relaxed teaching style – which helped build my confidence as a dog owner.”
Amy Bannister

brown spaniel pup with rosette
Proud pup

“Nikki has been fantastic helping us train Jarvis, our puppy. She involved all our family, including our two young boys, and adapted her classes to accommodate them. We can’t recommend Nikki’s puppy classes highly enough. A brilliant teacher and a brilliant course!”
Shona Bowen

“Nikki is absolutely amazing; knowledgeable and passionate. We’ve had a few private 1-1 sessions with her as my daughter has special needs and I wanted to be prepared before the puppy arrived. We then had another couple after the puppy arrived. Nikki is able to adapt training and play to your family and makes sure all members are included. My daughter has a lovely bond with our puppy and this morning was the first time she practised recall in the local park. This is huge for my daughter as she is mostly non-verbal with global developmental delay but she managed it and our puppy ran towards her with such excitement! None of this would have been possible without Nikki; her advice and guidance is invaluable. I would highly recommend her services for your furry friend; the puppy classes are also a must!”
Hayley Sheppard

pup walking towards camera
Here I come!

“Nikki’s one-to-one session at home made such a positive difference to Flo and boosted my confidence too!  Overnight the change is very noticeable: no soiling in the house, recall and coming to heel training commenced; new distraction techniques and a back-saving new toy. Brilliant! Looking forward to more home training and the full course of classes in the future.”
Terry Levitt